Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Learning and Leadership and Late Updates!

Well we had the bicycle team in last week, but here are some great shots of us gearing up in our helmets. We had to check each others for size and suitability. It is important your helmet isn't cracked and doesn't wobble on your head. 
Then this week we had an orienteering challenge, more swimming, more chromebook learning, the student leaders starting up lunchtime games, creating i-movies about our Syndicate Treaty Rules and a fabulous Community BBQ Picnic on Friday.
Storm helps Sadie

The students wrote a few comments....

School is fun when you do lots of Art, and especially when we get to swim. We have made self portraits. Our class has done orienteering and has done lots of work on our chromebooks. School is fun when you get to hang out with your friends. We’ve also done i-movie acts and sorted ourselves into groups. Zoe

I really like talking with other people and coming up with lots of ideas, and making sure everyone is included in the group, and that we are only talking about what the teacher told us to talk about, not mucking around and doing nothing. Just helping the group come up with ideas. Kayci

I really liked discussing about our i-movie and practising it. It was great fun. I can’t wait to start filming with the ipads. Last week we also did orienteering in the hot sunny afternoon. We started off doing a mini circle of orienteering then we did a huge circle of orienteering. It was so tiring, I could nearly faint. After all of the up and down the hill we finally finished the circle. I took my hat off my sweaty head and I felt the back of my hat, it was soaking wet. At first I thought it was water but then I realised it was sweat. Gosh I’ve been sweating a lot today. After that everybody rushed to the water fountains because we were so tired and thirsty.Then we all sat down and talked about how to really read a map and how to get better at it. Joyce

Today is my first Leadership duty day this is going to be really fun and cool. My partners are Charlotte and Travis. We are going to play Samurai, with Room 3 it is a very fun game the samurai has a squishy noodle and the other people have to get the pegs off the samurai and you have to avoid getting hit by the samurai. The team with the most pegs win. It is a very fun game oh yeah um the samurai has to be blindfolded and has to feel if he is losing a peg! Maanov

Travis and Caroline shared information about themselves on a document. We are all learning lots about the many features in google docs and google drawing.

We  have lots of testing to do this week. This will be very new doing our tests on the chromebooks. But at the end of the week when the sun is shining again, we are off to gorgeous Cornwallis for our School Picnic. My goal this week is to make sure more photos are taken of our activities, especially at the beach.


  1. Good Luck with all the testing - the beach trip will be a good reward at the end of the week! :-)

  2. Love the way you have set out your information Travis and Caroline. Lots of colours, and information and photos! Maybe you could help Room 3 to do something like this? Miss Lane

  3. Good all about me guys really good editing and some interesting facts about you guys:)

  4. Good all about me guys really good editing and some interesting facts about you guys:)

  5. Hi Room 9, It's Rebecca. I think your learning is going really well and your blog is super cool! Keep up the great writing.

  6. Hi Room 9 it's Dorothy,I'm really liking your blog.Nice to see your being bike safe.Can't wait to see some more amazing work you've done.Keep on bloging.