Friday, April 13, 2018

Animal Classification.

Manisha's Drawing with links to every page on her slideshow. 
We have rocketed ahead with our learning about how to classify animals. After creating our skits we then had to add all that we learnt, or could share with others, or could research, about the different classes of animals on a slideshow. We had to focus on the attributes or characteristics of those particular animals. For example all birds have honeycomb bones so they are lighter and can fly easier. Our slideshow included one slide to compare invertebrates and vertebrates, then a slide for each of the eight classes we focused on.
Our next job was to create a classification map in google drawing of the Animal Kingdom and in each box add a link to the slide that had the relevant information. This was a much bigger task than we thought it would be, but we learnt so many interesting facts about the different animals.
One student in Hauraki loved this task and created an amazing slideshow of facts that she sourced from lots of different places. She then linked all her slides to her drawing. Superb work Manisha.

We learnt to research information and write it in our own words. We learnt about classifying information and why things are classified. Next term we will look at pollution of different animal habitats and what we need to do and can do to protect them and make a difference.


  1. WOW! that is so cool I loved learning about Animals

  2. Hi i like animals to an I like fishing do you's like fishing

  3. Bonjour,

    My name is Jedi and I am from rimu class, in Yaldhurst Model School.
    I love all animals, they are such amazing creatures! My favourite animals are Big cats and Eagles. I have learnt alot from this slide, like how Spiders and Scorpions are from the group Arachnids.

    I love all the detail you have added here. But maybe you could have put a different font, because it was sort of hard to read.
    But overall it was great.

    Keep up the amazing work!


  4. Hello
    My name is Teegan & I am from Rimu class, in Yaldhurst Model School.
    My favorite animal is a Guneia Pig.They are soo Cute!
    Keep up the amasing work!


  5. Hi, My name is Stella. I am from Christ The King School. I love your slide show about animals. I love how you have different information about different types of animals. Did you know that fishes are actually vertebrates as well. If you were an animal what animal would you be?

  6. Hello, my name is Maddiosn I am a year six student in Yaldhurst Model SChool.
    I LOVE animals I achelly have a pet dog she is five and a bichon poodle, Do you have any pets?

    I have loved animals for so long now and My favorites are Tigers, Wolves, Dogs, Unicorns ( even tho there not real ) and Turtles. I really liked how you made a slide and a google drawing and they are both a great standard and super cool, mahi pai. What is your favorite animal?

    Kind Regards Maddison from YMS.

  7. Hi there it's Liam from yaldhurst molde school. I really like how yous have put in all of the animals in the world and how you have put in a side and it is sowing all of the fish and all of the rest of the animals and I think next time you mable can put in some facks next time.

  8. Hey!
    Really cool blog post, I think it's great the amount of research you guys did about the different animals. Maybe next time you could create a video or a Prezi to show your working and the facts? That would be more interesting for readers to watch. What were some of your favorite animals to learn about?
    From Hannah,
    Year 8,
    Yaldhurst Model School.

  9. Hi, I'm Amanda from Papakura central school.
    I love animals, so this post was the first that caught my eye.
    There is this part on the fish page, where I can't see the rest of the word because a picture is blocking it.

    See ya, I have to go comment on someone else's blog,
    Nice Blogging With You!

  10. Hi, I am Charlotte from Papakura central school.
    I love animals,so this post was the first that caught my eye.
    There is this part on the fish page, where I can't see the rest of the word because a picture is blocking it.
    Blog you later
    From Charlotte.

  11. Hi its me Toby from yaldhurst mobel school. and I think your work is awesome but
    I do think you do need to add some more detail. but you have done awesome work!

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  13. Hi its me jacob i like your work about Animal Classification. and i hope you learned more things from this i hope you had a good day doing your Animal Classification. it would be good if we did that well have a nice day and good bye.