Sunday, March 20, 2016


Across the street from my home three men were washing the office tower windows using harnesses and absailing equipment, it looked fun and scary at the same time.
It made me think about INTEGRITY.    For these men to feel safe, they and other people and the equipment they used all had to have integrity.
What do you think I mean by that? 
Why would they need integrity? 
Why would other people around them need integrity? 
How does equipment have integrity?

As a part of your home learning, or own time learning, this week, discuss these questions with your friends and family and leave a reply that you think helps to answer these questions on this post.

Remember to show your family all the different posts on our class blog. 


  1. Hi room 9 I really like your post on integrity. The questions really made me think about how Integrity works in my own life, however it might be helpful if you used bold for some parts of the text.

  2. Wow - there's a thinking challenge for you R9! I know that you explained to me how we display INTEGRITY in school, people towards people. You were confident in your explanations and gave me many examples. Can you now think about how those qualities are needed in equipment? I can't wait to hear your responses...start posting! :-)

  3. Great photo Miss Sands. You have posed some challenging questions.
    I look forward to reading the replies Room 9 students. Go on accept the challenge!