Friday, March 9, 2018


In this HOT HOT HOT weather we are thankful our school has a pool and a caretaker that keeps it super clean. Each week we have two lessons in our school pool and two opportunities to swim at lunchtime. Then 2 days a week for the first 5 weeks of term we also visit the local council pool for lessons in Water Safety as well as basic swimming skills.
We put together a movie of our first few times in the pools, but it is too large for our blog! :( Sad.
However here are some pictures of the awesome action happening.



Most of Hauraki love swimming and they nearly always bring their togs. They are really improving their diving  underwater swimming and general confidence in the water. Nearly all the class can swim 100m, which is 4 lengths of the Cameron Pool, nonstop. The others are well on the way and their skills have improved heaps in the last 4 weeks. Plus it is a heap of fun!!  

Check out these videos as well.

Cameron Pool is in the Mt Roskill area of Auckland and is run by the council through the YMCA Organisation.

Their Website is .......


  1. Hi i like the way to post about you at the pools.
    hi my name is Mark and i am a year 5....

  2. I like how you guys were diving 1 at a time and in groups

  3. Hi my name is Liam from yaldhurst modle school and I really like your blog about you doing swimming leesons. I think it is cool that you can go in a indoor pool when it is warm. Our school has to do swimming leesons in a out door pool but it is our oun pool and we do get to go in it in the summer and it is really nice will done on our blog post

    from Liam
    from yaldhurst molde achool

  4. Hi Waikowhai school,
    My name is Hannah and I am a Year 8 at Yaldhurst Model School. I am excited to be commenting on your blogs this year! It looks like you have enjoyed swimming, what was your favorite part of swimming? Is it the lessons or Free Swim? We also have a school pool but it has been very cold these last few weeks in Christchurch so our pool had to be closed for the rest of the year :(. I hope to read more exciting posts as the year goes on.
    From Hannah,
    Year 8,
    Yaldhurst Model School
    (If you click on my name you can visit my blog.) ;)

  5. Hi,

    I really like this post. We have a school pool to they are so fun but really cold sometimes. What is your favorite thing about going in the pool? Mine is jumping and diving into the pool. I really like all the photos of you guys in the pool. I really like this post and I looking forward to see more of your post.

    Yaldhurst model school

  6. Hi there, my name is Rio and I am a student in Manukau at Waikowhai School. I really like your swimming photos and video and. It made me think of people diving one by one. Have you thought about making a post about people who a great at swimming and went to the swimming olympics and won a medal ?. If you would like to see my learning, my blog is http://WPSRiop.

  7. Hello, my name is Amelia from yaldhurst school and I love swimming too. I do swimming lessons at jelly park in sharks, its a lot of fun and I go every saturday morning.

  8. Hi im Rihanna I am a student from yaldhurst modle school it looked like you had a really good time swimming maybe next time you could put some more colour in it. What do you like to do best in the pool I love to jump in all the time we have a school pool but its shut right now becuse it is to cold I rally hope that you ahve a really great time I think you looked like you did

  9. hi there my name is chloe and I am from yms school I enjoyed the part when they were in the second video at the bottom it was cool how they were so cool how they were working together.why did you only put two videos in??? it was really good good job!!!

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  11. Hi I'm Aliz'e I am at Yms school in the picture it seems like you's we're having a lot of fun! But why did you only put one picture and only two videos??????

  12. Hi I am Aliz'e I am from Yms it seems like yous are having a lot of fun in your pool But why did you only put two videos and only one picture.

  13. hey am Shay from yaldhurst school i liked how you put lots of videos and some photos why did you only 2 videos and same photos because i really want to know why maybe next time you can put more videos :)

  14. Hi im Eamon it looks like that pool is fun! it would be better if you put more info because "surpriseingly" you could have a lot, more to wright about in that story of a pool!