Friday, March 11, 2016

Cybersmart Lessons

Lots of important tips on how to look after our devices have been learnt and some excellent work has been created with James visiting Room 9.      Time to share.

Izzy is a whizz at getting jobs done and loves working on her Chromebook! She is efficient and totally focused all the time. Joyce is always listening, then problem solving and trying new things.

Caroline great info
The second task saw lots of                                    people manage to change                                              pictures, colours, shapes and                                   icons as well as add important text.

Taha clear statements
 We are ready to take our Chromebooks home and look after them carefully.                                                                  
Benson super shapes and statements

Charlotte groovy shapes   

Zoe important messages

Lots of awesome advice everyone
needs to follow, to protect their devices.


  1. Wow...Room 9 you are such a bunch of clever cookies!
    It looks as though you are all being RESPONSIBLE CYBER-SMART AND CYBER-SAFETY CITIZENS.

  2. These have been very helpful tips for everyone to follow! It's so important that we RESPECT our belongings, thanks for sharing R9.

  3. Yay thanks for the tips and hope my chomrebook doesnt end like those ones

  4. hi room 9 you guys really know how to take care of your chromebooks

  5. ola room 9 I like the way you news diffrent pitures to how to use a chromebook.also I like your blog more then room 8 s