Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cycling, Cybersmart, Sharing and Swimming

The students of Room 9 quickly wrote some comments about some of the learning that went on for them in Week 3. We are practising for when we have our own blogs. 
Big Foot came in and taught us some important safety rules and messages when riding our bikes. 

"On Monday we learnt about bike safety with the bigfoot people.They taught me about laws, and riding on the road when you want to turn a corner, or stop.They taught me to lift my left hand when turning left and my right hand when turning left." Izzy

 "I was so excited to practise riding a bike that I didn’t even realise that my bike was too tall for me! (aaahhhh the good old don’t realise thing). The bike was a bit too tall that my seat had to be a bit lower I kept almost falling off the bike because I wasn’t use to mountain bikes neither was Sifa (Sifa was my partner)." Benson

                                  James came in and he and his expertise were a big hit!! 
                                             The students kept up with him faster than I did.  

"This week I learnt how to ride a bike when doing Big Foot.(I started off not knowing how to even ride a bike). I also really enjoyed the Cybersmart class with James. I learnt how to use screencastify and made a video about How to change your password." Joyce

"This week I Iearnt about Screencastify. The good thing about Screencastify is, you can video yourself changing your password, going on to the class site and you can save the video so if you forget how to change your password or anything else, the video is in your drive so you won’t forget. Awesome, right!" Travis

We have a buddy reading class every Wednesday and everyone was buddied up with a Year 2 student in Room 4. Stories were exchanged.

"Reading with Room 4 will be fun because we can be involved with Room 4. I hope my buddy  Ethan is a good reader." Tiakiwai

The school pool has been repaired and is back in business!!!

"This week we have been learning how to swim the reason why we have been learning how to swim is because we need to keep safe." Sadie

"I love to swim at school even though the water is so cold." Max


  1. I am really impressed by all the learning that is taking place in your classroom Room 9. I'm also enjoying reading your blog as it keeps me up to date with all the wonderful things that are happening. I'd love someone to show me how Screencastify works when I visit your classroom next. Keep up the great work everyone!

  2. Wow Room 9 - you have been so busy over the last few weeks. It has been great to pop in and see how hard everyone is working. I love the fact that you know why it is important to learn to swim Sadie - we (the teachers) have been talking about 'whys' a lot this week. Thanks for your help this morning, when we were preparing for the community barbecue. Check out my blog tomorrow to see photos of yourselves in action!