Friday, March 4, 2016

Shahin Najak came and spoke on her adventures for 40 minutes and had the students enthralled. She was easy to understand and funny. The students were asked to write a quick blog about what they had learnt from her and what they thought, on their chromebooks. They had 15 minutes only and did a great job of relaying all sorts of snippets of information.

If you click on each page you hopefully can read their text.


  1. Great work Room 9. I wasn't able to attend Shahin's presentation but you've done a great job capturing the key information in your blogs so I feel well informed. Thank you!

  2. Weren't we lucky to have Shanin at school the other day? It was interesting to hear that the Sir Peter Blake Trust sponsored the trip - thanks for that information Tiakiwai, this helps us to have a stronger connection to the new song we are learning! Maybe we'll be able to perform this at this week's Friday assembly, we should ask R7.

  3. safa
    hi room 9.It was great to see you guys exited about shanin.Love your blog.
    P.s keep it up