Friday, March 9, 2018

Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Toby's Work 
In the month of February our Syndicate did lots of learning around The Treaty of Waitangi.
We read the books The Treehouse Treaty by .....
This is the House That Jack Built by Gavin Bishop and The Treaty House by .......

We also covered Te Tiriti o Waitangi by      from the School Journals, in group work and had questions to answer afterwards. Finally we competed in two Kahoots about The Treaty to see what we remembered. they were great fun and we did extremely well.
Zoe and Toby completed some great work and haven't yet got their own blog. Check out what they learnt.
Zoe's Work 


  1. hi my name is Mark and am a year 5
    I like the way you post on your blog
    from mark

  2. Hi my name is Ana im a year 6 from papakura central school.
    I like how you blog post are very interesting and has a lot of information in it.
    from Ana

  3. hi my name is mark and i go to pcs school
    i like the you bolg on your post
    from mark

  4. Hi here Liam here I really like what you two have done here it looks amazing. Toby I really think that you have done a great job with how much witting you have done so well done. Hi Zoe I have just had a look at your work and it looks great who long did it take for you to do it and you did a great bit of witting I can see that you have done your very best on this hope you think that it was lots of fun well done Zoe you have done a great job by guy well done to you both.
    from YMS
    from Liam