Sunday, February 18, 2018

Check Out US!!

At Waikowhai, our Friday Whole School Assemblies are run by the kids. Each week a different class is rostered on to organise and present the assembly. Yes, Hauraki got Week One!! It's always a challenge at the very beginning of the year to get work finished to present but this class were keen and on to it!! 6 students organised the slideshow we needed of the programme and everyone worked hard to complete their work and practise their parts.
One of the items we presented was a slideshow that included a slide from each student talking about themselves and their 'favourites'. We wanted to get this ready so we could also share it on our class blog and start the Tui mai Tuhi atu journey.
Check out some info about the 25 students of Hauraki Class.


  1. Wow, Hauraki! I discovered lots of interesting things about you all from the slide show. It looks like lots of you had exciting holidays, and I have some new books to go investigate now. Thanks.

  2. Hi Hauraki!
    My name is Skye and I go to Waikowhai Primary School.
    I really like your all about me, I like the backgrounds and photos of the food. I like that you are showing your personality about you and things you like. I never knew there was a thing called medium rare steak! I have a few questions for you, please answer them. How long did it take for you to finish the slide? Do you like to blog a lot? When will you post a new blog post? I hope you have time to answer my questions. Many thanks! If you would like to see my blog, then copy and paste this OK? I think one of the slides are hard to read because of the yellow.

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  4. Hi hauraki my name is Shay i go to yaldhurst model school and im year 6 i enjoyed the way you put the whole class in one big slide i would like to see more of the big slides

  5. Hi Hauraki
    My name is Bridget,I go to yaldhurst model school yms for short.
    The part of your blog that stood out to me was how much effort you put into your slides. The slides have lots of details and are realy intersting to read. Maybe next time make 2 or three slides not all in one.