Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sunken Forest by Des Hunt

Hauraki is reading Sunken Forest as a class novel and LOVING IT. Nothing better than giant eels and spooky trees!
We are only up to Chapter 9 but really engrossed in the story and looking forward to finding out what happens. Yesterday we created personal responses in groups of three, after just 3 chapters so we could discuss how we felt about the story. We will probably do this at the end of the book to see how our thinking has changed.

We looked at these six categories.....

Check out some of the groups work.....

Lavinia, Abby, Shabeera                  Faith, Ayva, Manisha                 Bruno, Toby Alex    
      Des Hunt is a New Zealand Author who uses adventure and suspense in his books a lot. they are always based in New Zealand with Kiwi kids and real environmental and social issues. 

We have a task board of activities that we will complete. As each item is finished we will attached it to a slide on our slideshows and blog them when we have finished.

If you wanted to check out the Synopsis of the book on Des Hunts Website the link is here.


  1. hi my name is chloe from yms school I love all the detail thatb you put in to this it is so wonderful

  2. Hi here I really like what you have done here it looks really nice. Was the book really good or was it okey I hope that you liked it a lot. well on it by now

    from YMS
    from Liam

  3. Hi my name is Ailee from yms school, I love all the detail in the story your reading about

  4. Hi my name is Markform papakura central school and i am a year 5,I love all deteil in thae story your readind about.

  5. Hi my name is Eben from yms and I really like your blog post I also read sunken forest i really like dit did you guys it will be interesting to hear back from you

    Yours kindly Eben

  6. Hi my name is Charlotte from papakura central school and I am a year 5.
    I read the sunken forest i really like it.
    blog you later
    from Charlotte

  7. Hi, My name is Teegan & I'm a yr6 at YMS.
    I've heard of the book but I haven't actualy read it.
    I have a book-mark with all of them on the back.They sound like a really good book seiries to read at home.

    Yours Sinceirley:Teegan

  8. Hi here I really like what you have done here it looks really nice. Was the book really good or was it okey I hope that you liked it a lot. I hope to see one new post sone because i have see all of the post's from this year and how is your plasel going is it going well of no? well i have to go now if you ca see my bloge and coment on it it weell be most aspat bye now from isaac

  9. Hello i am Jacob i am a year 7 at yaldhurst model school i like that you learned about Des Hunt is a New Zealand Author i hope that you liked doing that a lot i like to see one new blog post about math or something like that is it going well or no well i hope you had fun well bye.