Monday, March 26, 2018

Animal Classification

Last Thursday and Friday we worked on investigating words that are part of the Scientific Classification of animals. Words like Vertebrates, Invertebrates, Mammals, Birds, Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Crustaceans, Arachnids and Insects. This was part of our Inquiry this year which is Curiosity.

We were put into groups and given one chromebook per group. Then we were given four minutes to find information about one of the words, to write onto a large piece of paper. When four minutes were up we shifted to the next piece of paper and word in a bus stop activity. Each time we needed to find new information if we could, to add to the page. We shifted nine times so we looked at all ten words!  There were two rotations of these groups happening in our syndicate at the same time and we found out heaps of information.

The following day we were matched up with the other group that started at the word we started with and told we had to choose the most important pieces of information that described this animal group and present it to an audience in some way. We had about 20-25 minutes over 2 days to come up with something fun. Here are our video clips of what we presented.


  1. hi it zack

    i like the bit when you all sang

  2. Hi my name is zack I like how you were working together in groups for this lesson and you were no one Chromebook. I find it hard to one Chromebook in grops do you find it hard or not.

  3. Hi I'm Gracie
    From Yaldhurst Model School

    Its nice to see you working to together in groups for a lesson

    Was it hard to use only one chromebook?

    Kind regards Gracie