Saturday, August 20, 2016


At our school,  our core VALUE is …. RESPECT.

It comes with a

Four important areas
that we all need to
make sure we have
respect in.

This code tells us the best way of behaving all the time, with everyone that belongs to this school or visits
this school.

In Room 9 we have spent a lot of time looking at our goals for learning, behaving and using our chromebooks.

We were asked to think about the areas in the Respect Code that we needed to work on and write ourselves a Respect Goal to work on and to share at our assembly.
These were our ideas...

To make the most of our time at school it is important that we look after each other, work together and acknowledge our differences. 

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  1. Hi my name is Quinn I am a student at owairaka and I really liked your post and how you presented it really good