Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ms Southwell Leaves

Students arriving to school late, with an 'interesting' range of excuses,
that they delivered to Travis who played Ms Southwell. 
When told that our gorgeous receptionist was leaving our school after ten years of service, one student piped up "Wow! That's longer than I have been alive!"

Which put the time and effort Ms Southwell had put into our school into very clear perspective for the whole class.  We were given the task of organising her final farewell assembly, and the students were determined to give her the best of send offs.
Room 9 pulled together an amazing performance of small skits that highlighted some of the jobs and activities that Ms Southwell performed in her daily routine. Tasks that touched the lives of every student and adult in the school.
Ms Southwell, well loved. 

Singing Ms Southwell up to the front.

Max and Caroline giving her flowers. 
Mrs Petersen showing off the special book. 

Then she was asked to come and sit on a special chair on the stage where the school gave her flowers and a specially made book of many messages of love and care. After speeches the whole school sang her two very special songs, before heading home for the weekend.

We wish her well in her new job in the city and look forward to her visiting us.
A final farewell song and a salute to her dreams of a different future. 


  1. Well done Room 9 for organizing a lovely and amusing final farewell assembly. It was an honourable send-off for Ms.Southwell indeed.

  2. Hi I'm Nahlah from Owairaka Primary School, that is an amazing to make such a thing for a special person like Ms Southwell, I hope she knows how important she is, You guys must miss her, Do you guys know what she is planning to do in her future?
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