Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fab Blog? Good Blog? OK Blog? Bad Blog?

Last week, with James our Cybersmart teacher, we looked at all the components that make a good blog comment; a comment that others will want to read again, consider and respond to. We were working on our Learn Create Share cycle in the session. We have learnt about blogging a few times since creating our own blogs, and so we could share ideas on the padlet below. The whole class created this padlet together. 

Then we looked at some comment examples and checked them against what we thought makes a good comment, and against a rubric for great commenting. Next it was time to write some good comments using the learning we had just completed. Before posting them, (or sharing) we checked each others work. 
We all work at different paces, so some of us can whiz through the three parts of the Learn Create Share Cycle. Others of us are challenged to fit all three parts of the cycle into the time we have, we have to stay focused and that's more learning too! 
BUT we all got great comments posted AND we shared our learning through a screenshot of our work and an explanation of what we did,  for our own individual bogs. 
You can check them out on the side panel of our class blog. 

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  1. Ka pai R9 - you have created and shared some wonderful learning. It's great to see you putting our code of RESPECT into your comments on each others' blogs. I'm going to take on board some of your ideas listed on the padlet for my own blog. Thanks R9!