Thursday, August 4, 2016

Music Knowledge

Room 9 has Music this term. The focus is on percussion after seeing the Strike performance last term. We will look at percussion that uses the human body, instruments and found objects. We will create and use sound cards to use when we put music to narrated story. A quick 3 minute challenge to get as many words we know about music into a shared padlet is a great way to use padlet, we find.


  1. It was exciting to be in your room on Monday R9, you really impressed me with your recall of musical skills/knowledge we have discussed previously. You were superb as we played 'Musical Aerobics' and I am really confident that you are going to compose some wonderful scores for your chosen stories. Travis, you are absolutely correct, Music can make us react in many different ways emotionally. I wonder what we'll feel like in assembly this afternoon as we sing the songs R10 have selected?

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