Saturday, February 10, 2018

Day Two Fun

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The following day we held a Technology Challenge across the whole Syndicate. Students were randomly grouped into 4 and given a task to build a structure from newspaper,  some other equipment and a strict timeframe.

This was a real challenge and the students had to dig deep to persevere. All 18 groups worked extremely well together considering some of them are new to the Syndicate and the School. they really are building their skills to work collaboratively and constructively. When the time was up they had about 10 minutes to take it outside and attach it to the ground ready for testing. The testing with a leaf blower caused great excitement!!. 

It was a lot of fun testing all 18 structures to see if they could with stand 'a storm'.  What we did notice was the need for students to investigate ways to develop strength in a structure, which are some skills we will look at in the coming year. It was a fun start.

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  1. Hi hauraki school my name is nikoli and i am from yaldhurst school I like the sound of the challenge. last year the year 5-6s got to do a website called wildeye it was so much fun you should ask your teacher to sign you up from Nikoli