Sunday, May 29, 2016

Wild and Wacky Wheels Day

The Friday before camp as a final fundraiser, Waikowhai School held a Wild and Wacky Wheels Day. Room 9 helped with the organisation and also 'played' a great deal. We had bikes, unicycles, scooters, skateboards, trolley boards, roller blades, remote control cars and toy cars. For those without wheels there were stilts to master and moon hoppers to enjoy.  There were lots
                                                         of skills being shown off as well as being picked up new on the
                                                         day. Our biking training earlier in the year was being put into                                                                  good practise.


Toby could do all kinds of tricks on his bike and taught the other bike students a few things.

Zoe successfully managed the stilts with her friends and races were set up.

The new school trolley boards were a great success as they could create a train of children, be rolled down the hill, used liked roller skates and spun around on.


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