Sunday, May 8, 2016

Looking Back on the end of Term One.

I have finally had a chance to read some of the ramblings of my students on what they got up to while I was away and thought I would post some on to our class page. It was fun reading back. Now I need to catch up on all the other work they did and saved to their drive files!

Kayci .... Room 9 has had a short week because of Easter. Ms Sands is on a trip to Paris for a marathon so, Miss Ikinofo is going to look after us while she is on her trip.This week with Miss Ikinofo we have been doing drama and learning how to use our body while we are moving. We also got to go to the hall to see a man called Reine, he used to be the ambulance person called Sam on Shortland St, he is also a director. He has a nephew at our school, his name is Joseph but his uncle calls him Jojo.He is Tongan, half Samoan and I think Cook Island. I was so lucky because I got to shake his hand while me and Charlotte were getting the Duffy books from him.

Dora talked about a visitor that came for their Duffy Assembly.
Last week a very talented guy came in to talk to the school about reading I bet you can’t guess who he was? Renee…. I don’t know his last name, is the ambulance driver called Sam in Shortland St. He has also Directed a really famous movie.  He was also a script write, he taught us that we don’t have to be like anybody else. Renee said that as a child he grew up in a poor neighbourhood but he loved to read Roald Dahl books. His fav was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, at the end he handed out the books I got Ransomwood and Jane Eyer!

Izzy wrote about Narrative Writing....
Writing has been very fun so far. We are planning about a narrative that we are going to write. By the way I looooooooooove narratives. People do ones about the family pet being stolen, but I think that is a bit boring.(no offence) So I am writing about a girl called October that, gets arrested for a crime she did not commit. Mine is a mystery story. I enjoy writing emotional mystery stories. It is fun!! By the way I consider mine quite emotional. Wow I just loooooooooooove narratives. I probably already typed that but really, just think about it who cares!  My favorite bit about narrative writing is creating characters and bringing them to life in my story. Narrative=Fun Fun and more Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Antonio talked about all the activities he was involved in.
Last week on Friday, we did drama and we played some drama games. We had a Duffy assembly and we had a special guest from Shortland Street and his name was Sam. Also  on Thursday, we had a netball session and I did softball training. We had a meeting and our Coach had mentioned that we will be vs other teams in Pool B and they will be very hard, but I know that deep in my heart we will win this Softball match!

Max talked about a huge Working Bee we had the day before I left. 
Some of the seniors did a huge clean up of the ‘itchy’ bush that we have at our school. It got so hot and cold, it was strange weather, but it was so worth it as it looks great. Toby, Tiakiwai, Joshua and me made a pathway down the bottom and then we made one more but we didn’t do it right so we had to put all of it back.  It took so long, it took so long I got blisters. When we were done, it looked like we had done nothing, but if you saw how hard we worked then you can comment.This is something we did not want to quit on yet.

Nice work people, you are really enjoying using your chromebooks to write your ideas down. Next to check out those narratives!!

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