Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bullies and Warriors

Izzy really listens to the criteria she is given and tries all sorts
of new skills on her Chromebook. She has created her
own images, all of which are relevant.
       A great book to read the class is Bullies and          Warriors by Tim Tipene. Especially with                Bullying awareness Week coming up. Room          9 are really enjoying it and have done some          work around the characters and the Warrior          Kids Rules. They created posters that                    contained the rules of Warrior Kids from the          story and a little bit on what the story is                about. They also wrote Personal Responses          to the story.
     Izzy liked that .....

Mark now gets on well with Sean.
Sean didn’t listen to Apihana about fighting Mark.
Caroline is always thinking about how she treats
other people. She has Integrity. 
The criteria for being a Warrior Kid  

The story made Caroline think about .....

The story made me think about how other children in the World might be bullied.
Telling someone you can trust what is happening
Always being there for someone even when they are out and down(Not like APIHANA!)

Kayci has really applied the story to her own thinking.
She also took a photo of the book cover. 

Kayci doesn't like .....
  • Mark was bullying Sean.
  • Apihana said something not nice to Eric and Eric said something not nice back.
  • How Apiana is rude to someone if they say something not nice to sean or do something that hurts sean.  


          Joyce has used lots of images to create effect.
          Can she use these images? Are they credited?
Joyce asked these questions ......

  • Why did Mark decide to be nice to Sean when before he was always bullying him?
  • Could our school get a Warrior Kids class?
  • If we had Warrior Kids at school will lots of people want to sign up?

It made Joyce think about .....

  • If we got a warrior kids class should I go and sign up for it
  • If I got bullied by someone and I had to verse them for a wrestling race would I feel scared?
  • If I went to warrior kids would I enjoy it?

 The students also linked the characters in dot to dot connection charts. There were many many links they could make between all the characters, but here are a few. Mark and Eric are the 2 bullies, Sean and Ravanesh and Apihana are good friends but the bullies pick on only Sean. 

         Then Warrior Kids comes to the school.

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  1. Love your work around Tim Tipene's book 'Bullies and Warriors'.
    Some years ago I had the privilege of listening him talk about his picture book 'Taming the Taniwha'.
    Check out Tim Tipene's web link. There is a live interview with him which I'm sure you'll all enjoy listening to.
    He might be a great author to get into the school to visit us.