Saturday, February 6, 2016

Out of the Box Day and the Day After.

Whew! What a Welcome Back we've all had. Chromebooks arrived at Waikowhai and they are awesome I think you will agree. Out Of The Box Day and the Day After are done! A whirlwind of excitement, discussion and focused attention. I really enjoyed learning how to use them and launching our class site. I especially enjoyed meeting the students that will spend the next ten months together in Room 9. YOU! So much learning happened with you all getting the basics of how to navigate around your Chromebooks so quickly and so well. It is going to be exciting watching you all become experts........ and making sure I keep up with you!!
Joyce, Storm and Kayci all smiles. 
Yay! Yes this is cool Julie!
Waiting to be opened.....

This coming week we will
start looking in depth
at Cybersafety, so we
get the most out of our
new tools and keep
ourselves safe all the time.
We will also be exploring
what we think our Inquiry topic,
is all about.

Maanov hyped!
Getting down to business. 

Benson and Zoe following instructions.
Our cool class!
Tau super excited.
Charlotte seriously excited!
The best smile Storm!   


  1. Hi Room 9,

    Getting your Chromebook is such an exciting moment isn't it! I love seeing the looks on students faces when they get their own Chromebook to start learning with. I'm looking forward to seeing the amazing learning you do in your class this year. Please feel free to see what we are up to too. You can find our class blog at
    Mrs Archer
    Hay Park School

  2. Wow!! Looks like you are having a fabulous start to your school year. Looks very exciting opening and setting up your chromebooks. I hope I can come into Room 9 and have a look at what you have been doing. Looks very very exciting! You guys will be experts in no time.
    Mrs Price

  3. Looks great Room 9! I cant wait to come and visit and see all of the exciting things you get up to on your chromebooks. You might have to teach Miss Daly a thing or two!

  4. So exciting Room 9. A little jealous but can't wait to come and visit with Room 11. Enjoy :)

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