Monday, September 4, 2017

Year 4 on a Roll

JD's Language work with subject verbs agreements
Abigail's Name Tag 
As mentioned before Te Waka Ako had some Year 4 students join our 'family'. They have had to learn to use chromebooks in a hurry so they can participate in work the Year 5 and 6 students are doing. We have been completing Cybersmart and chromebook use workshops with them so they learn the many skills they need. Today we looked at sharing our work through blogging and the process of creating a blog to share. Here are some examples of what they have been doing. Please leave a comment and feedback for them.

Faith's de Bono hat thinking about the move to our new space....Te Waka Ako
Ayva's comic strip about being Cybersmart. 

Toby's writing about Taekwondo skills we are learning in PE


  1. Hi my name is Jia .I really liked the way you explained what you had to do It reminded me of what I did for my name time you could add more information.

  2. Bonjour Hauraki, Serene here from next door (actually, there is no door!) I really liked your blog post about the year fours rolling into work. I also liked how you worked so hard this week. Especially the year fours! I liked Faith's one too. I remember doing this. What you can improve Faith is that you should add more writing and a picture of Te Waka Ako. Thanks for sharing this blog post. Please visit my blog at
    Thanks for reading this comment. Blog ya later!

  3. Hi there Room 9, my name is Faidhi in Room 7 at WPS (Waikowhai Primary School). I really like the work that the year four's have done. It reminded me of when I posted my punctuation work at my blog. Next time, you could post more of this because this is really awesome. Come check out my blog, it's

  4. hi its Apollo i love JD`s language wreck i lice that you have made a loge store lice other pepol thay do a sentins you have dune a paragraph are good