Friday, September 8, 2017

Stunning Mt Ruapehu Ski Camp!

Room 9 or now better known as Hauraki, are part of the senior school Te Waka Ako Innovative Learning Environment. In Week 5, sixty five of our Year 5 and 6 students went to National Park to ski and snowboard at Whakapapa on Mt Ruapehu. The students had two days on the mountain learning these new skills.  After months of preparation and weeks of anxiety over the weather, the week arrived and was absolutely fabulous!  
The students worked with new adults and student groups, they negotiated new environments, they listened, questioned and learnt. They were challenged and extended and needed to persevere to succeed. The feedback from many different quarters outside our community was our students were respectful, polite, well behaved and just pleasant people to be around.  
Their success was being able to race each other after only two days. Their success was in the feedback they got from the public again and again. To see students with two days experience negotiating Rock Garden or Happy Valley slopes is memorable and shows how capable they are.
In the learning of the skill they learnt to rely on themselves to get better, their time practising by themselves was when they made the most gains. They also learnt to help and encourage each other, and then celebrate each other's success. But aside from the learning of a new physical skill like skiing or snowboarding they learnt to be open to a new experience in general. Being a long way from home, trusting and respecting a wide range of adults, focussing in on themselves to look after themselves and their property, developing new friendships, making the most of all the opportunities they were given, opening their eyes to an environment so many had never experienced and building awareness of the world around them.
They were amazing and we couldn't have asked for a better bunch.  All the adults who participated in the trip were very proud of them. As teachers, we hope the experience will inspire our students and their families that attended to apply their learnings and perseverance in many different areas of their lives. As well as go back and try again!
Following will be some slideshows that include the students reflections. 


  1. What a lucky bunch of kids you are to have such fabulous teachers to give you all an experience you will remember for ever. No doubt for many of you it was your first taste and touch of snow.
    From the photos, and what has been written i'd say you ALL PUSHED YOURSELVES to go beyond your 'mental and physical capabilities'.
    To top of a wonderful week, you were also lucky to have the weather gods looking after you. Fabulous!

    Mrs Law

  2. I wonder if some of you could tell me what challenges you overcome from this week?

  3. Kia ora Hauraki whānau,
    What an AMAZING trip and incredible experience you have had. This was a fantastic post to read as it made me realise that many of you were challenged and extended in so many ways. I bet there were some real highlights of this trip as many of you tried new things and made new friends with other students as well as adults. I LOVE being on the Mountain, I love the sounds of the skis swishing through the snow and how even when there are lots of people it doesn't seem loud. If you had to pick one highlight, what would you tell me?