Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Students in Term 3

Wow! We are in Week 3 and 'snowed under' with activities and work already.  At Waikowhai we had a teacher leave, and with the Auckland shortage of teachers it meant we were unable to replace that teacher. So Te Waka Ako, our senior syndicate, had to take on 15 new Year 4 students. Hauraki has 5 new students. I will introduce you to them now and show you some of the things we have been doing in the first two weeks of term.
 Toby is one of our new students. This is his tent creation he was challenged to make in Geometry, using only toothpicks and modelling clay. It was a very sturdy, strong structure.  
Two other students are Faith and JD. They both enjoyed this thinking activity and came up with

some excellent shapes.
Abigail and Ayva and our final two new students. They have created 'All about Me' poster to include in their learning steps slideshows, which include all their goals and practise work around their goals. For students brand new to chromebooks, our Year 4's are picking up the necessary skills very quickly. 


They have all settled in really well and have been very patient with all the changes. Lucky for Te Waka Ako we have extremely helpful Year 5 and 6 students who love to help teach them how to use their chromebooks, and the way we work in our new space.


  1. Malo e lelei, we are Room 6 from Wesley Primary School. We really liked reading about the new students in your class. The All About Me posters were terrific! We remember when we created tents using toothpicks and bluetack, but we noticed that you used modelling clay. Have you thought about making really big tents using pencils and cellotape? We think that would be a great way to build a strong structure.

    If you have a chance, please leave a comment on our blog

    Room 6 @ Wesley Primary School

  2. Hi my name is Ayva from Waikowhai Primary. Thank you for checking out our blog post,maybe next time we build a tent. I will ask my teacher about using the pencils and cello tape. When I get a chance to I will definitely check out your blog.Thank you again for reading our blog bye Gerhard.