Friday, June 16, 2017

Hauraki Assembly

This Week our class was on the school assembly. This means we have to host the assembly, create a slideshow, organise songs, show our work, give out certificates,  do plays and so on. We LOVE to organise assembly (that's the students!!) Their teacher doesn't mind too much, but it can be stressful.
Anyway this week we had two plays to do as we are doing Drama this term so we had less time to show off our work. To make up for this we created a slideshow to show case the work we thought was our best pieces, or that we were most happy with. If you want to see more of them they are on our personal blogs. Happy reading

I (Hauraki's teacher) realised how many new skills this work represents in my students, and how much work they had completed over this term. Some more than others of course, but generally most of them have worked diligently to 'get stuff done!' Awesome work Hauraki. Be Proud.
Check out their personal blogs and leave a comment for them.


  1. Hello and salutations.
    Your assembly was really exiting. I really like Antonio's slide.
    This is really informative and understandable. good job and keep it up!

  2. Greetings Room 9
    Well done on the slideshow Room 9 it is very impressive I especially like Kayci's slide I think she put a lot of effort into it.How did your assembly go? I hope it went really well.I remember when Room 7 had to host assembly It was very fun.

  3. Kia ora Room 9,
    I hope your assembly was a success. Like Mrs Sands I can see how much work you have completed last term! There are some excellent examples of your work in the slides and what a mixture of learning experiences. All of your slides are visually appealing. I was taken by Ben's slides about digital badges. I'd love to know more about the fastest fingers and the friends badges. What do you need to do to earn these badges?