Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Term Two

We have rolled into Term Two. The students in Room 9 returned with happy hearts! I think the holidays were good for everyone. It was lovely weather in most places over the holidays and lots of our class got outside and had some fun enjoying our country.

Last Term we focused on Anzac Day a week before the holidays and again for the first week in Term Two, because it fell in the holidays. The school had a commemorative assembly last Term in the hall, due to the wet weather. We read poems, observed one minutes silence and played the Last Post. Several senior students shared some knowledge about the wars and New Zealand's role in them.

We read a book called One Minutes Silence. It is about Gallipoli from both sides of the War. It asks you to think about how it was for the Allied Soldiers and how it was for the Turkish Soldiers. It is an excellent read that really makes you think and wonder about life for all the people and how they really weren't any different from each other. The Author David Metzenthen is Australian and lives in Melbourne. Michael Camilleri has created stunning drawings to illustrate the story throughout.
This Term we are reading Caesar The Anzac Dog by Patricia Stroud. this is another excellent book to read. It is based on a true story about a bulldog from Auckland that was a mascot for the 4th Battalion in the First World War. He helped find wounded soldiers and lead the Red Cross workers to them in No Mans Land. His collar is on the 3rd floor of the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Our class would recommend these books to everyone. They are 'must reads'!!

Finally we are all starting to post our work onto our learning blogs. The Year 6 students will keep adding to their blog they started in 2016. The Year 5 students are starting brand new blogs and are very excited about it. They will have some work about Anzac Day and the Caesar book posted onto their sites soon, so check them out and tell them what you think of their work.

All their blog links are down the right hand side of this Room 9 Blog.


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