Thursday, May 11, 2017

Responsibility to being GREEN

Our overriding inquiry this year is about Responsibility. Our Responsibility to the Planet is part of this Inquiry. In Drama we looked at what we think it means to be GREEN. We watched this video narrated by Morgan Freeman and discussed lots of things that are shown in it.
After watching another short clip targeted at very young students, we had a go at acting out and 'freeze framing' the different points in the clip that the children said were being green.

Then we came up with things that we do that we considered 'green' and so helpful to the planet. We only had 10 minutes to come up with a very quick skit/play about one idea.
Below are some clips of us acting out what we think are some things we could do or do do that help the planet.  We are going to develop our skills and thinking more, in producing plays, throughout the term.
One group of boys decided planting trees was an important part of being 'green' while a group of girls went with installing solar panels.
  Another group corrected other people's ignorance over the correct bins to use, while a fourth group suggested people should use buses more. The final group suggested people needed to tell others about the impact they were having on the Earth.
There was crazy noise, but heaps of cool conversations and idea bouncing all around the room on a very wet Thursday afternoon. We sure had a heap of fun with everyone willing to give 'drama' a go. Watch this space for more polished video clips about what we think we can do to get to that 'day' that Morgan Freeman speaks about in his clip.


  1. Kia ora, my name is Lana from Tautoro School. I teach Year 5,6, and 7. I think you are really creative to be using drama to communicate your ideas on 'being green'. In my class we call being green being a kaitiaki - a person who cares for and looks after the environment.
    We are also doing inquiry on how we can help the environment. Soon you will also see some movies on Lavinah's, Rangimarie's and Tehana's blog that shows their inquiry process. We look forward to seeing more ideas about being green.

  2. Hi, My name is Rangimarie I go to Tautoro school.I really like that yous are helping the environment and showing us by doing drama. In my class we are doing the same thing on helping the environment. My group is making a video on recycling yogurts. Cant wait for more ideas

  3. Hi my name is Sweyde from Tautoro School.I like your class rooms learning on Being green and that video about Helping our earth becoming better.I hope you all learn more in your class about Helping earth.See yous later.