Thursday, December 1, 2016

We Have Been BUSY!!

OH DEAR!! We have not put anything up on our class blog page for nearly a month! Room 9 has spent their time and energy on getting work completed to put on their personal blogs. They have completed all sorts of great things. Once the testing was all over in Week 6 we reflected on our Production, then got cracking on making toys, researching a toy to create a documentary, writing a script for our documentary, organising our end of year events and items for the final assembly. Below is a collection of work from some of the students.
We wrote reflections on the Production we were all involved in.
Here is Izzy's.........

 Here is Kobe's..........
All the class completed a reflection using deBono's Thinking Hats. Check them out too.

This is Charlotte's Slideshow Book Review on a book she read.

Hilary's Slideshow Book Review on a book she read.

All the class completed a Book Review on a novel they read. Check them out too.

We have looked at what makes a great documentary. Joyce's work on that....
And this is Travis's work...

Finally for now a couple of examples of some compare and contrast work we did in Inquiry with toys old and new.
Antonio looked at the similarities and differences between pull along caterpillars. 
Kayci chose the trucks to compare...

Overall Room 9 have become very adept at using their chromebooks to produce all sorts of work. They are teaching me new skills and tricks every day!
They have also been making Cybersmart Games with James. They will upload their games to their blogs next week.

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  1. Well you may not have put anything on your blog for a while R9 but boy oh boy, what a lot of learning you have been doing. Your toys are looking fantastic - I had a sneaky peak when I walked through R9 the other day. Your reflections about Production are detailed, they have given me a few ideas to consider for next time! Any ideas about which show we should do next time? I wonder how many of you will come back to watch it - maybe those of you who have younger siblings here? The book reviews are very detailed - I found that I looked straight at the PMIs to make my decision about whether I would choose the book as a holiday read! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished documentaries, I know how much you have been enjoying making them. Great work R9, you are an inspiration.