Monday, October 24, 2016

Comparing toys


When we were at MOTAT we went into a learning space with an Educator. They had many different tables of toys that could be looked at, played with, learnt about and compared. The table that had toys to compare, had 6 different pairs of toys. One was much older than the other.

Back in class we had to compare and contrast some of the toys from the compare and contrast table. Caroline, Isabelle and Kayci had some great ideas about how the two toys were the same and different.

Then they wrote a statement about what they had found out.



  1. Hello room 9, this is Serene from down the corridor. I really liked the post about comparing toys. What did you think about the MOTAT trip? I really liked it there. Your class is so cool, but not as cool as room 7. Check out my blog at

    Blog ya later.

  2. Greetings Room 9, My name is Nahlah from Owairaka Primary School, Caroline, Isabelle and Kayci have great information written there, you can tell that there have been a lot of changes in toys. Kayci's writing looks a bit odd when the last one on the column that's what the furby's have in common, is not finished it would look lots better if you changed it, to another fact of just delete that part because it says 'they both have' and nothing else its on the last fact
    But overall everything else was better than amazing!
    If you would like to check out my blog the link is
    Keep Blogging!

  3. Hi Room 9, this is Shahin, Mrs Najak's daughter. I really like your comparisons between old toys and toys more common today. It's great that you have picked up on the change in materials from wood to plastic as it shows how we have changed the way we make things. Also how toys today are more safer than they were decades ago as shown by the horse shoe. Looking forward to more great comparisons. :)