Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Installation Artworks

 The Art Festival on Tuesday night was very successful. We used the previous Thinglink to let visitors know where our Installation Art pieces were and what they were about.  Below is a slideshow of pictures of the 13 pieces. As well as these works we also all had an Abstract Artwork in the festival as well. Our abstract work will be posted on our individual blogs this week.


The students worked extremely hard on their pieces over many days. They developed excellent ideas about issues that are important to them; things in life they hate to see or are passionate about. I am very proud of the work they have produced.

1 comment:

  1. What amazing installation creations all of you made.
    Whenever I popped into your STUDIO (usually at the end of the day) the work you were all creating was awe-inspiring!
    You are all SO LUCKY to have such a creative, inspirational teacher as Miss Sands........
    * to give you the freedom to create,
    * to challenge your thinking ,
    * to consider the environment (local, national and global) in which we all live, well as each of you delivering a message to the viewers.