Thursday, September 15, 2016

Feeding Gratitude

As an example for the students of Room 9 to understand the concept of Installation Art I came up with my own idea for an installation piece, that was relevant to school life, and then enlisted their help with the organisation of it.
We created a piece of Installation in our student kitchen area that looked at the packaging and rubbish that was created by only
6 weeks of food that was given to the school through different schemes that was then free to the students. We looked at how much of it there is and if we valued it and were grateful for what it offered us and our families. We called it Feeding Gratitude. 

We stacked boxes, collected wrappers to put into buckets, bundled up lunch bags and fruit bags, washed out yoghurt and fruit pots, arranging it all in the area that was most relevant to the concept or idea, of the work. Then we counted and estimated the quantities of each item that is given to the school and created signs that could be hung from the ceiling. Our piece was ready for the school Art Festival and could be viewed along with all the students work.

At Waikowhai students can attend Breakfast Club. They also have access to food from a Kai Basket in the classroom and a daily fruit box. At lunchtime there are some lunches available for those who have none.  The main companies or organisations that provide these items are.......


  1. What can I say Room 9? Your artwork blew me away. The thought and planning that went into each installation is fabulous. What an amazing way to show how our food is packaged, it was very powerful to see in real life when walking into the Nikau Room! Thanks for all of your hard work all around the school.

  2. Nice work Ms Sands you have worked very hard to get this done in time and in only fewer weeks because of the abstract art we have also been doing so far. I really like the way you stacked things and the way that you hung little signs so that we could see how much bread we get and how much different types of food we get from all kinds of brands and sources, also a very well done to you for collecting all the rubbish from all classes in four weeks. Keep up the great work and hopefully everyone doesn't take it for granted and they actually appreciate what Mrs Ward actually does for them.

  3. Nice work Ms Sands
    You have put alot of effort into this.I really like how you put the photos of the food.

  4. Nice work Miss sands you worked very hard on those boxes and rubbish.You would of been very tired from doing the big job and i really like the way you stacked all of the boxes on top of each are a such good teacher .Come and check out my blog it's