Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Waikowhai Primary School finally got their new playground after many months of waiting. We had a special opening with the whole school, parents and BOT and all had a quick turn on the new structure. A ribbon was cut, songs were sung, speeches were spoken and fun was had! Hauraki was lucky enough to be the first class to try it out.  Each student in Hauraki led a student from Room 1 (our new entrants) onto to the playground to help then negotiate it all.
Check out some of these photos and check the students blogs this week as they will be blogging about it in more detail than I.

 Some of the leaders then got time to try all the equipment out before being on duty at morning tea to help the juniors and middle school settle into playing on it. They LOVED it. And they did well at playing lava with the students in the break.


  1. Hi Hauraki Class,
    My name is Bella and I am a year 6 student who attends to Papakura Central School. Sounds like you guys had a ton of fun during the opening and congratulations. You guys must be so grateful, I know I would be. Does the whole school share a playground or are there different playgrounds for the Juniors, Middle school and senior school?
    Blog you later!
    Bella :)

    1. Hi Bella
      Yes they all share the playground together. There are lots of different parts and we have only 230 students in our school so there is plenty of room, because some students like to play basketball or soccer etc. They are very happy with it. Some of the Year 5 and 6 students got to choose what sections would be on the playground when the school designed it, which was cool.

  2. My name is Jaimie and I am from Waikowhai Primary School.
    Cool! It sounded like you had fun exploring the new playground. I enjoyed going on it too!
    Everyone looks so happy about it. It looks like everyone is looking out for each other.
    Maybe next time instead of putting a really long word like negotiate but the meaning or a synonym in brackets beside it.
    What does BOT stand for?
    How did you feel when you were there?
    If you would like to check out my learning then go to my blog .

    1. Wow! Jaimie you are writing excellent blog comments. BOT stands for Board of Trustees. The brackets is a good idea for explaining new words. I will take that into consideration (consider it).

  3. Kia Ora Waikowhia primary,

    My name is Jedi and I am a year seven at YMS, and OMG! that looks like a fun playground. You must be having the time of your lives there. Especially the juniors, whats it like?. You all must be so Happy and grateful.
    These are also some great shots here too.
    I was also wondering what BOT stands for (or who are they?). But overall great post!

    Have fun =)

    1. Hi Jedi BOT is the Board of Trustees. Sorry about that I will make sure I clarify that next time. The playground is awesome. Some of the equipment reminds me of the programme Australian Ninja Warrior! We were trying to jump across the bars. Thanks for your comment. from Ms Sands

  4. Oh sorry,

    That Anonymous comment was me.

    I don't know why it did that.


  5. Hi i am jacob from yms It sounded like you had fun exploring the new playground. it well be cool if we had a new playground but we do well i hope you guys have fun with your new playground comment back thanks.

  6. Hi I am Mark form papakura central school I relly like the way you have put your work on your blog.
    From Mark
    This is how to get on my blog

  7. Kia Ora Hauraki,
    Wow, your new playground looks amazing! I wish I had a playground like that. I'm almost jealous! What did your old playground look like and what didn't you like about it?

    That's all, have a great day.


  8. Kia ora Hauraki,
    I remember way back when you were planning your playground! I do remember some children having input ito the design of the playground - was that any of you? If so, did it turn out how you expected? How EXCITING that it is now installed and you are getting to PLAY! What are your favourite pieces of equipment on the new playground?

  9. Hi Hauraki!
    I bet you guys were super excited about your new playground, I would be! We have been talking about re-painting our playground, and we have repainted a few parts of it already!

    How long did this playground take to build? Is there anything you guys wish were part of the playground that you can add onto it?

    Ariana @ Yaldhurst

  10. Hi it's hunter from Yaldhurst model school
    your new playground looks really cool.Your new playground looks like you have really cool things to do on it. In the photos I can see the new playground it looks awesome how it Has been sent out I wish I had a playground like that and my school.