Monday, June 25, 2018

Starting to Build

Our Installation Building started in Week 3. We nearly got it all done in one day with the help of two fabulous builders from a company connected to a staff member in our school. They let the students help out in different ways.
We used recycled timber for the whole structure and 6 pallets for the base.


By the end of the day all we needed to do was add wood to the roof line and battens on walls so we can attach the plastic bags to enclose it and a door to seal it up. The students were very excited and continued to happily collect rubbish from the classes.

A couple of weeks later the last of the construction works were done and we could attach the large plastic bags that we receive from the local supermarket with old bread in. These we stapled onto the wood so they overlapped. They have proven remarkably weather resistant! And Auckland has provided many tests with wind and rain battering us. 


This Installation Art work is ‘talking’ about….. How much soft plastic is used by a small school of 10 classes in 8 weeks. We are looking at what we are doing to our natural world that is having a negative impact on the other animals that live in it. We are filling up the world with rubbish like we are filling up the house. It’s a house because WE (humans) are doing the polluting and we live in houses.
We want people to THINK about…..
Would we trash our house and leave rubbish everywhere? Why are we doing that to the World. Don’t we live in it? How we are affecting our World. How much soft plastic we are using and if it is all necessary. How can the world last with all this plastic. It might look beautiful on the outside but inside/ hidden is the rubbish.
We want people to TALK about…..

How people could change their habits or behaviours to use less soft plastic. How people could make sure all soft plastic that is used is recycled. How they could help clean up the damage so far. How they could help in any way.


  1. Hello
    My name is Harman i am from Papakura central school.
    that must of looked really fun,Also i like the way how you described what you did next to the picture good work, From Harman.

  2. Hello
    My name is Teegan in Rimu from YMS.
    That must of looked really fun, also I like the way you described what you did & how you did it.

    Good Work
    Teegan Ducharme

  3. Hi my name is Liam from Yaldhurst school I really like that you guys are being able to buld it's looks really cool that you are bulding a garden shed how long did it take to buld it. therw is noneing that I can see that you can inporve for next time when you do a blog post so well done.