Friday, March 17, 2017

Swimming and Writing and Swimming!

This term, Swimming has been a big focus for our Syndicate and Class. We have had 10 lessons on Water Safety at our local council pools: Cameron Pools, as well as learning some swimming skills. We are also lucky enough to have a school pool where we learn more swimming skills. Last Friday all the Middle School and Senior School went down to Cameron Pools for their swimming sports. Every student was entered into a freestyle and a backstroke race and then some were also in house relays. Finally 4 Year 6 girls and 4 Year 6 boys raced a relay against the Senior teachers.

In Writing we have been focusing on Recounts so we wrote about our experiences at the Cameron Pools. Here are few examples.

We are really enjoying Writing this year. We are doing Creative Writing at the moment so keep checking for new blogs with some of our new work.

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  1. Hi room 9, my name is Faidhi. I really like the idea of writing and showing photos, it so creative. Next time, maybe could you slightly shorten the writing and put more photos. Check out my blog it's