Friday, April 15, 2016

I hope you all enjoy your holidays and really look after your chrome books - you need them next term! Remember to read the class blog and make comments. I might have time to add some things over the holidays. More importantly though get outside and have some fun in the fresh air.
I am in Ireland now and about to start driving all around it. We came across the Irish Sea by ferry from Wales. When in Wales we visited Cardiff Castle. It is an amazing castle. I have so many photos of castles!! During WWII the people of the city would sheltered from the bombs inside the castle walls as they are like long tunnels. The wall goes all the way around and there is a small keep inside and a huge palace as well. Daffodils grow everywhere in Wales and are very beautiful. Whole banks of them lined the rises to the walls inside the castle.


Really looking forward to seeing you all next term. I will do a big slide show about castles for the first week back. If you want something or investigate over the holidays maybe look up either Carcassonne, St Michel, Cardiff, Caen, Dublin or Carnavon.
They do jousting matches at the Cardiff castle!! Imagine dressing up like a knight and riding a horse around a castle playing with swords!!! Fun fun fun. Make sure you have some over the holidays and I'll see you on the first day back!
Warm wishes
Ms Sands

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  1. Hi Ms Sands. Hope you are having fun there in Irealand. The Pictures are amazing and those castles are awesome. We diden't get to take our Chromebooks home?